SOPHIA - Saguaro - Old Pueblo Harpers in Arizona


SOPHIA was started in 2005 as the Tucson chapter of the International Society of Harpers and Craftsmen, initially called the "Old Pueblo Harpers". The Old Pueblo Harpers were originally a group of players, teachers, and students in Southern Arizona wanting to share their music, ideas and skills to further the musical capabilities of the folk harp. Eventually we expanded our membership to include pedal harpists and professional harpers and harpists by combining the Old Pueblo Harpers with the Saguaro harpists, the Tucson chapter of the American Harp Society. As of July 2012 we became a 501c non-profit organization.

Our activities include promoting the playing and enjoyment of harp music, workshops, recitals, attending local harp events, and sharing our knowledge and experience with each other. We also provide events for both lever and pedal harp players.

Our goals are to:

  - Promote the playing of the harp in Southern Arizona
  - Provide opportunities for the harp community to learn new harp skills
  - Promote education about and public awareness of harpists and harpers